Mother’s Day

It’s an incredibly beautiful day.

Bright sunshine, clear blue sky, shimmering green everywhere.

We walk to the creek and sit on the sandy bank in a patch of sun, and watch the geese splash around in the water. There’s a light breeze, just cool enough to keep the flies and mosquitoes away. We listen to a Carolina wren singing above us in the trees, and the soothing sound of water flowing over rocks and around tree roots. I think to myself that this would be a perfect spot for a hammock…

As we walk back, there is a tiny flash of yellow in the shade beneath the tree canopy; a goldfinch flutters and lands on a thin branch, making it quiver. We step into the warm sunlight at the edge of the pasture and stop to take in the peaceful sight of the milking herd lying in the grass. They look as contented as we feel.

Later, we sit on the porch and watch three yearlings play a game of King of the Hill – one climbs up a small dirt mound and stands at the top, and head-butts the others as they try to follow. Two of the black barn cats lie on the walkway below us, the sun highlighting red in their fur.

It is a magical day.