Pee Wee

The moment Pee Wee entered my life is burned into my memory like a hot poker.

It was early evening. I was at the kitchen sink washing the dishes. The back door opened and I heard this god awful  screeching like some wild thing being tortured, and my blood froze. Continue reading “Pee Wee”

Springtime Musings

Springtime here seems to emerge like fall in reverse: Leaves go from red, orange, gold – to green. And the green grass is so bright, it is sometimes iridescent. Blossoms are everywhere – white, soft pink, strawberry, magenta, deep purple. The doe-eyed Jersey calves run and leap around the pasture dotted with violets and the glowing yellow-orange faces of buttercups. Continue reading “Springtime Musings”

Goose Patrol

Goose in Doghouse

There is a hierarchy on the farm that goes like this: Barn cats rule the rodents,  chickens rule the barn cats, ducks rule the chickens, and the geese rule all. Big and boisterous, they march around the farm in a noisy group, sounding off as they go. They make a ruckus over just about everything – even when they see us walk past the window when we’re inside the house. I’m sure all the neighbors can hear, although we’ve never received any complaints. Continue reading “Goose Patrol”

Raymond the Rhode Island Red

Raymond the Rhode Island RedHe sees me in the window and sidles up. Pecks the ground, but his eye is beaded on me. I know that look. I’ve seen it in many a rooster’s gaze – Jacques, Mr. Peabody, Lorenzo, even Mr. Lawrence, our very first rooster – a switch goes off in their tiny brains and they transform, seemingly overnight, from friendly and sweet to aggressive.

But with Raymond, who is watching me now, this switch happened early – before his spurs came in. And, unlike those before him, who seemed to single me out in particular, he attacks indiscriminately, flying at anyone on two legs who crosses his path. Continue reading “Raymond the Rhode Island Red”